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Spring Fever; More Like Baby Fever!

Spring is here and so are the babies!

We became grandparents as we welcomed our fist baby goose (gosling) this morning in the barn. The proud momma watch from the nest as we showered the baby with cuddles and love. This particular momma has 7 more eggs to hatch. There are ways to tell if babies are male or female but here at NWP we do not seek the gender. We love them regardless of knowing or not.

We have another goose sitting on her nest but no eggs just yet.

Goose eggs take about 28 days to hatch. Once hatched they stay with momma for several weeks. Geese are notoriously great mommas to their young. Gosling and momma goose take close to the first 24 hours to bond. In this time the gosling will learn mommas scent, movements, and sound. All of this will then help the gosling to know who momma is in the flock of geese here on the farm.

Great job momma geese, congradulations on your newest babies!


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