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We can not save them all but, with your help we can change the lives of so many farm animals that have lost their homes for various reasons. Sadly, some of our animals have come to use as a result of being discarded as though they did not matter. We are here to change that! They matter to us and we have devoted our lives to giving those that we can help, a safe place to land, unconditional love, and a forever home. Help us continue our mission with the options below. 

* Please note that in person donations can be accepted with a schedule date and time.


We appreciate any donation amount and it all goes to the animals for their care. 

Donations can be made online using the secure Paypal button at the bottom of our Home page. 

Thank you!

Not all donations come in monetary forms. A simple share of our Facebook page or QR code helps spread our message to others. 


Sponsor a Friend

Sometimes that one animal really just sticks out to you. If that is the case we are happy to offer the opportunity to sponsor a farm animal friend. Contact Us for more information regarding this option. Your gift is greatly appreciated and in return we will schedule a meet and greet for you and the animal of your choosing. A great way to show your new friend some extra love, feed them some tasty snacks, and snag some good pictures with them!


*Please know that some of your funds may go towards feed and hay for which other animals may consume due to the nature of our feeding set up. 



From time to time we have opportunities for volunteers to come in. If this is something you are interested in please contact us. We will try to post volunteer opportunities on our Facebook as soon as they come up as well.

The site was created with love in part by: Brittany Horner
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