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Holy COW!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Hey y'all! It's been crazy around here. Popping on to catch you up on the important stuff. First, to address the title of our post, WE SAVED ANOTHER COW! Lola immediately pulled at our heart strings when we heard her story. More on her story to come. We have also in the past few months taken in a rooster, named The General, & most recently adopted from Chesapeake Animal Shelter a piggy we named Shelby and rooster we named Shelton. Both had adoption fees paid by the kindest woman at Chesapeake Animal Services.

With the joy of taking in new residents, we are saddened to announce we lost sweet Baabs, our oldest precious goat in October. She was with us for so many wonderful years.

The farm has seen a pretty big upgrade itself as we had additional concrete laid recently to make accessibility easier for our guests in wheelchairs and using walkers. Currently in the works is expanding our piggy house.

Phew! Always something going on here and the Holidays are certainly no time for resting. Stay warm, stay safe! Will be back to post another update soon.

Special thank you to: Chesapeake Animal Services, Katie Rodriquez. We couldn't do what we do without YOU!


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